🫓 Previously on the Advent Calendar House, we helped our favorite talking babies stop a true meanie in “A Rugrats Chanukah.”

This time, we’re ignoring the rules of another long-standing tradition as we travel by baby basket back to 1995 to witness grown men throwing temper tantrums and ending up locked in the attic.


🎙 Guests:

Sarah Shay (sarahshay.com, Bandcamp, Pilot House Podcast, @thesarahshay).

Zach Gozlan (@zachgozlan, @N_THEYSTAYTHERE, “How I Got (Somewhat) Smart(er in Five Months)”).


💬 Topics & Tangents:

1. I found this special hiding in a 4-hour VHS recording of Nick on CBS from 2003.

2. Pilot House episode on “I Dream of Jeannie,” which would not be seen the night this premiered.

3. Fact-Checking “Fact-Checking A Rugrats Passover.”

4. As of this recording, the Sultan of Brunei in 1995 is still sultan.

5. “Noozles,” with co-starred Cheryl Chase (Angelica) and was not “The Adventures of the Little Koala.”

6. The 4 categories of Jewish holidays.

7. Melanie Chartoff (Didi, Minka) as the principal in “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose.”

8. The controversy over Boris and Minka’s design.

9. “The Song That Doesn’t End” from “Lamb Chop’s Play Along.”

10. The Maxwell House Haggadah.

11. A Haggadah of Our Own.

12. “Bible Adventures.”


📼 Commercial Break:

Country Crock Spreadable Sticks, 1994, featuring Jack Riley (Stu).

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, 2003.

The Studio Demands It!, a podcast that recreates, reimagines, or flat out fixes existing film franchises when a hypothetical studio demands more films.


“A Rugrats Passover” © 1995 Viacom International Inc.

Theme song by Bronwen’s Ghost.

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Title: A Rugrats Passover
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