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S2 Ep. 7 -The Venture Bros.: A Very Venture Christmas

A new week means a new theme, and Brian kicks off a weeklong look at animated shows with “A Very Venture Christmas” from the first(ish) season of The Venture Bros. (available on Amazon Prime). As Chris tries to understand what exactly happened in this episode, Brian and Jon delight in this merry holiday adventure from the early years of the Adult Swim programming block.

Non-Christmas topics include: pop-culture references, Holland, being smart, Rick & Morty, Magic the Gathering, and Patrick Warburton impressions.

IMDB entry for this episode: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0739347/.

This episode’s featured Christmas Podcast is Season’s Eatings: https://seasonseatingspodcast.libsyn.com/.

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Author: Chris, Brian and Jon
Title: S2 Ep. 7 -The Venture Bros.: A Very Venture Christmas
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