We’re back for our fifth season, and we start by revisiting Scrooged (1988), a film neither of us has really enjoyed in the past. Will we change our minds this time?

Next we discuss Bing Crosby’s “Jingle Bells,” followed by “Hang an Ornament” by Grandaddy and Band of Horses.

Finally, we discuss some Christmas episodes of the Hit Parade Podcast.


  • Scrooged horror trailer: https://youtu.be/eIqmIaSBW4A
  • The last song is by Bruiser Queen. Check them out here: https://bruiserqueen.bandcamp.com/
  • Sorry for the weird random static sounds that pop up a few times near the beginning. It may have been because of the football game I was watching. I think it has something to do with my cell phone, but it is never consistent enough to find the problem. I’ll keep trying!

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Title: S5E1 – Most of These Are Towels
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