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Santa Stuns the North Pole with Announcement 1

Santa has had the press conference scheduled for weeks. Speculation has been running rampant that he would announce a new tracker elf recruiting goal for 2021.

All of that happened it was no surprise. But the goal he announced has stunned the North Pole. You can listen to the recorded event as it just played out on North Pole Radio News in this rushed episode of the North Pole Podcast. It runs about 10 minutes and features the voices of Santa, Elf Frank Myrrh and Elf Crash Murphy.

Elf Roger Star, International Director of Santa Trackers, is interviewed as well as Elf Sandy Claus of the Department of Elf Resources. Elf John Pringle of the News Department also shares some thoughts.

The crowd that gathered for the announcement was shocked at what Santa said and it is all anyone can talk about at the North Pole today.

The next five months here at the North Pole will be very interesting.

You can hear the entire press conference in the player below.

Listen to this episode of the North Pole Podcast
Author: Santa Update
Title: Santa Stuns the North Pole with Announcement

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