Get ready for a hoppy and delightful ride on the Christmas Cousins Podcast as we welcome back two of our top fan-favorite guests, Joe @christmas_aficionado and Bob, co-host of the Festive Foreign Film Fans Podcast! @festivefans


This time, we’re diving into the spring season with a fun and frothy spring beer taste test and review. As usual, when either Joe and/or Bob join us, the show takes unexpected turns and pretty much guarantees that this show can and will veer off into many directions…this is a wild one for sure, definitely a fun way to kick off your weekend!!


After the success of our fall pumpkin beers tasting, our festive Christmas beer extravaganza, Eggnog Wine Review, and our cozy winter beer sampling, we couldn’t resist continuing the tradition with some refreshing seasonal brews.


Join us as we sip, savor, and share our thoughts on these delightful springtime libations.

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Author: Christmas Cousins Pod

Sipping into the Season: Spring Beer Tasting & Review with Joe, the Christmas Aficionado & Bob from Festive Film Fans

Christmas Cousins

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