This very special epsiode has nothing to do with Christmas.

Or any holiday as a matter of fact.

Nary a mention of peppermint pr pumpkins (well, there are a few)…

This episode is all about a rare opportunity that Cousin Seth granted us to actually interview his Household staff to see what really happens behind the hedgerows in the life of one of the world’s wealthiest men!

So, please, join us, dear Christmas Cousins, as we step into a unique world on the Christmas Cousins podcast!

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime journey into the day-to-day world of our enigmatic Cousin Seth.

His legendary riches have piqued curiosity worldwide, and everyone’s eager for a glimpse of the man who could illuminate space with holiday lights.

In this remarkable twist, Cousin Chad embarks on an eye-opening adventure. He’s engaging with the household staff who keep Seth’s grand mansion running like a clock.

From butlers to chefs to bodyguards, these devoted individuals are sharing their insider stories of serving one of the globe’s richest and most private figures.

Grab a monocle and hold on to your Top hats! This episode guarantees intrigue, entertaining anecdotes, and perhaps a few surprises that’ll leave you saying, “That’s the Christmas Cousins for you!”

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Author: Christmas Cousins Pod

Special Edition: Conversations with Cousin Seth’s Household Staff-a non-Holiday Spectacular!

Christmas Cousins

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