Merry “Christmas Podcast Day”Christmas Cousins and welcome to the grand kickoff of Season 2, where we have something truly extraordinary in store!


As the curtains rise on a new season of holiday merriment, we present our original adaptation “The Christmas Cousins Christmas Carol!”


This uniquely crafted tale unfolds as Cousin Seth, one of the world’s wealthiest individuals, finds himself begrudgingly trudging into another season of seasonal finds, facing Gingerbread overload and an overwhelming podcasting schedule.


However, an enchanting twist awaits. Three spirited cousins appear to guide Seth on a journey through the past, present, and future of the Christmas Cousins Podcast.


Through their illuminating encounters, will Seth rediscover the pure joy, laughter, and warmth that this podcast brings to him and the cherished Christmas Cousins Community?


Will the visits from these jovial spirits melt Seth’s grumpiness and reignite his festive spirit?


Tune in to witness a heartwarming holiday awakening, embracing the magic of Christmas and the true essence of our podcast.

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Author: Christmas Cousins Pod
Title: Special Feature: The Christmas Cousins Christmas Carol – A Festive Season 2 Kickoff on Christmas Podcast Day
Christmas Cousins

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