On this episode we’ve got Pac-Man Fever and it’s driving us crazy! Just two short years after the debut of the arcade hit Pac-Man, Hanna Barbera produced a Saturday morning cartoon all about the denizens of Pac-Land. And, naturally, a Christmas episode was soon to follow!

Joe and Bradford spend a good portion of this episode on video game chat, as you can imagine. But also we explain our original plans for this episode and why we had to scuttle them, as well as our nostalgia for defunct TV channels, and our own experiences with haunted hotels. And somewhere in all that we talk about how Pac-Man saves Santa!

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Intro/Outro: Happy Christmas, You Guys! (Simon Panrucker) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

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Author: Christmas Creeps
Title: Stocking Stuffer #31: Christmas Comes to Pac-Land
Christmas Creeps

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