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Stories of Tracking Santa


In this special (if rushed) episode of the North Pole Podcast we hear from two superstar Santa Tracker Elves – Elf Lil Cream and Elf Crusader. They are just two of millions who have signed up at to track Santa for Santa.

The art of tracking Santa is not a new one. It has been going on for decades. It has changed a great deal over the years but one thing remains true: tracking Santa does NOT have to be a singular endeavor of just looking at Santa’s position on a map.

No, Santa has found a way to make it better. He has found a way to make tracking Santa an act of service.

Tracking Santa for Santa means becoming an elf and helping Santa to get around the world safely.


By putting on your elf ears and eyes in your own neighborhood and reporting to the North Pole everything that you see — from the weather to the condition of chimneys. It is not difficult work but it is essential. And the more tracker elves out there Santa has the better it is. By extending yourself in this service you not only begin your elf career you HELP the world to have a Merry Christmas.

Can it get any better than that?

Yes, it can.

What this podcast episode does is it tells the story of how elves track Santa but also how that whole effort began. Elf Crash Murphy talks of how he went from being an elf in the Wrapping Department to being the Most Famous Santa Tracker in all the World. It’s a great story.

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Author: Elf Ernest
Title: Stories of Tracking Santa

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