What’s up, dudes? It’s spooky season, so that means it’s time break out the old Super Naturals holographic toyline from Tonka and who better to do that with than Chad Young of Horror Movie BBQ! It’s a classic tale of the battle between good  and evil  with an additional element of horror and macabre thrown in for kicks! They’re ghosts, so who ya gonna call? Well, we talk RetroCon! We talk Lionheart v Skull! We talk the Fleetway UK comics! Yes, everything was about holograms in the second half of the ‘80s, even the toys! So put on your best armor, grab your nearest court jester sidekick, and hop on through the Tomb of Doom to hear this episode!

Horror Movie BBQ

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Author: Gerry D / Chad Young
Title: Super Naturals (w/ Chad Young)

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