Christmas Podcasts Podcast
Christmas Podcasts Podcast
Christmas Podcasts Podcast
Christmas Podcasts Round Up - October 10th-16th 2020

Christmas Podcasts PodcastSean’s Christmas Podcasts Round Up for October 10th-16th 2020:

New to ChristmasPodcasts.com: Holly Jolly Xmasu. Launched in April of 2020, Holly Jolly X’masu explores the world of Japanese Christmas music.

New episodes of Christmas Podcasts:

9/25 – Holly Jolly XmasuChristmas Tenor Mood
10/10 – Seasons Eatings PodcastSweet Potato
10/11 – Christmas Hall of FamePodcast Bio: Jesus Christ
10/12 – A Cozy Christmas PodcastChristmas in Australia
10/12 – Tis the PodcastThe Coca Cola Santa is Just a Hoax
10/12 – Jingle Jank PodcastDepressing Christmas Songs
10/12 – Totally Rad ChristmasMarried with Children Part 1 (with Scott Newman)
10/13 – Christmas Clatter PodcastMerry Melee 1
10/14 – Merry Little PodcastClassic Christmas Movies That Suck
10/14 – NetfliXmas PodcastChristmas in the Smokies – Girl, Your Jellies Won’t Save Your Farm
10/14 – Santa by the Minute PodcastMinute 29 – Endless Nights and Hatless Elves
10/14 – Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe PodcastChristmas For Seniors
10/14 – Weird Christmas PodcastChristmas Werewolves with Benito Cereno
10/15 – Christmas PoddingChristmas Calories. What are We Really Eating This Year
10/15 – Totally Rad ChristmasPee-Wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special (with Jack Ford)

This week’s podcaster spotlight is Craig Kringle of Weird Christmas Podcast