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Covid for ChristmasPredictions for Christmas 2020 could ultimately prove to be an impossible task. Who foresaw what 2020 has been so far?

The mess that has been made of the world by way of Coronavirus and civil unrest no doubt means many things for Christmas. In this episode we take on that heavy topic and hopefully address some issues that perhaps folks just aren’t talking about yet.

We believe this Christmas will be far different than any other this century — including the Christmas of 2001, when Christmas fell in the shadow of 9/11. That Christmas was greatly impacted by world events. Christmas 2020 will likely be even more so affected. It will be, despite the news of June 2020, a Christmas in Crisis.

Take, for example, just the issue of Christmas trees. Have you any idea how expensive they might be this year?

Artificial trees come from China. The vast majority of them ship from China in the months of February and March. What was China doing in February and March 2020? Well, the were not shipping Christmas trees.

Real trees are grown locally for nearly every country in the world. But will those growers have survived the economic fall out of both Coronavirus and race riots? (Not to mention the naturally occurring disasters such as droughts).

Will folks be able to get Christmas trees in 2020?

It’s a real question — a question among dozens about Christmas this year.

Will we be able to attend Christmas concerts? Will Christmas lights be available to buy? Meat is already in supply — what about my Christmas turkey? Will planes be flying? Which stores are no longer bankrupt or looted? What about Santa? Will he wear a mask?

These are the questions of Christmas 2020 — and more.

What does Coronavirus mean for Christmas?

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Author: Merry Podcaster
Title: Predictions for Christmas 2020