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10th Anniversary of the Merry Podcast

10th Anniversary of the Merry Podcast

This special episode marks our 10th anniversary of the Merry Podcast. What better way to celebrate International Podcast Day?

Given the harshness of our times  in 2020 we thought the best way to celebrate this milestone would be to take a look back at some of the best moments of the Christmas community online. In other words, we’re not making this episode about us – it’s about YOU!

If you’re down, weary, worried, concerned, fed-up, or depressed this episode is for you. You will smile. You may laugh a little. You could even shed a tear. But you’ll feel better. You WILL feel the Christmas Spirit.

In this episode we get another great conversation with Ballcoach, one of our cherished members of the Merry Forums of He delivers once again a great conversation that’s all Christmas – showcasing in no small measure just what Christmas community online means.

Then we take a look back at Merry Podcast history. The world has changed a lot in just a decade – and so has the Merry Podcast. We discuss some special podcast contributions that have come from our members, including a great Christmas memory surrounding one of the classic songs of Christmas.

And speaking of music, there’s plenty in this episode to enjoy that will uplift and inspire.

We take a look as well at the community efforts of Santa’s Sleigh – our coordinated little crowd-sourced outreach to folks in need.

Can it really be 10 years already?

Look at the Christmases we have had!

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Author: Merry Podcaster
Title: 10th Anniversary of the Merry Podcast