Gather ’round, festive friends! The Christmas Cousins are back with a Thanksgiving special that’s as diverse as the cousins themselves. In this turkey-flavored episode, Cousin Chad spills the beans on his upcoming road trip—a grand journey for a colossal family gathering. Meanwhile, Seth opts for a more intimate affair, hosting Thanksgiving in his mansion with a select few.

Join the cousins for a laughter-filled discussion as they unravel the details of their Thanksgiving plans. From Chad’s highway adventures to Seth’s mansion majesty, this episode is a feast of holiday tales. Will there be travel mishaps, culinary escapades, or unexpected moments of gratitude? Tune in to find out as the cousins dish out their unique Thanksgiving adventures.

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Author: Christmas Cousins Pod

Thanksgiving Tales: Chad’s Road Trip vs. Seth’s Mansion Soiree

Christmas Cousins

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