Best of Christmas Podcasts

This year marks the 3rd Annual Best of Christmas Podcasts – a yearly listener/fan/podcaster and Christmas fanatic acknowledge of Christmas podcasts.

Offered in association the with Christmas community anchored by, this effort aims to clear through the clutter of hundreds of podcasts to identify the best of the very best.

Nominations for this year’s survey are now open. The nominating period closes on July 31, 2023.

After a brief review process, finalists will be named by category and the voting will begin. Voting takes please during peak Christmas podcast season. Voting closes on October 31st and winners are announced shortly thereafter.

There are several audiences where votes are solicited:

  • Online right here on and
  • Offline via public and phone surveys between the close of nominations and the close of voting
  • A review board of Christmas and podcast experts are also polled
  • Christmas Podcasters are invited to take a special poll

Nominations and voting activity are promoted via scheduled social media posts and Christmas community websites.

We encourage podcasters to promote this event as well. The better the listener support the more votes we can receive.

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