What’s up, dudes? It makes sense that a Christian music record label would release a version of the Christmas Story, right? Yup. Sparrow Records, founded in 1976 by Billy Ray Hearn, then A&R director at Myrrh Records, did exactly that! In 1987, Sparrow released a promotional album to radio stations containing several of their biggest artists narrating the Nativity story. The B-side contained some Christmas IDs of these stars wishing us all a Merry Christmas.

The Christmas Story narration is done in this order: Michael Card is up first, followed by Scott Wesley Brown, Margaret Becker, Steve Camp, and Richard Souther. Michael Card then takes it up again, this time followed by Steven Curtis Chapman, Geoff Moore, Rick Florian of White Heart, Deniece Williams, and Steve Green.

The musical selections were taken from Steve Green’s album Joy To The World! The Scripture reading was taken from The New International Version translation.

Steven Curtis Chapman? Check. The guys from White Heart? Yup. Deniece Williams?!? Well, let’s hear it for the voice! So grab your donkey, knock on all the doors to the town’s inns, and remember what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown, as the Sparrow artists narrate the Christmas Story!


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Author: Gerry D
Title: The Christmas Story as told by Sparrow Artists

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