What’s up, dudes? Well, it seems that Little #1, Little #2, and Little #3 hijacked my recording studio and held their own episode all about the 1976 Rankin Bass Easter special “The First Easter Rabbit!” It’s an adaptation of the children’s book “The Velveteen Rabbit,” and it’s wild!

A young girl named Glinda gets a stuffed bunny for Christmas which she names Stuffy. She loves it unconditionally, but when she contracts scarlet fever, it has to be burned. Stuffy is approached by a magical sprite named Calliope, who transforms him into a real rabbit. She mandates that he become the first Easter Bunny.

Stuffy meets Santa Claus and moves into Easter Valley, an area of the North Pole perpetually existing in Spring. Unfortunately, an ice wizard (perhaps a former servant of Winterbolt?) named Zero steals the Golden Easter Lily, causing the valley to freeze and snow. Santa rescues Stuffy and helps him deliver his Easter goods to Glinda’s hometown. He also forces Zero to return the Lily. All’s well that ends well.

A fairy that knows substitutiary locomotion? Check. A Savage Land type headquarters? Got it. A remorseful sentient snowball? For sure! So grab your Easter eggs, put on your bonnet, and take Santa’s sleigh to this episode!

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Author: Gerry D / Littles #1-3
Title: The First Easter Rabbit (w/ Littles #1-3)

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