What’s up, dudes? It’s a bonus episode! I’m talking with author, illustrator, teaching artist, cartoonist, and podcaster Jerzy Drozd! It’s all about his ’80s fantasy and horror graphic novel The Inscrutable Dr. Baer and the Case of the Two-Faced Statue!

Doctor Baer, expert in the occult, never once wanted to be an adventurer. But when years of hard work are demolished along with an ancient stone guardian that rendered harmless his collection of dangerous magical objects, he will have to enter the fray at last. And will learn to his dismay that those objects were not at all what he believed!

Spooky mansion? Check. Dangerous quest? Uh huh. Angry chicken wizard? Well, only if he’s accompanied by a cool looking horse! So grab your staff, pack your wisps, and head out on an adventure with this episode all about occult expert Dr. Baer!

YouTube: @jerzydrozd
IG: @jerzydrozd

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Author: Gerry D / Jerzy Drozd
Title: The Inscrutable Dr. Baer and the Case of the Two-Faced Statue (w/ Jerzy Drozd)

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