This episode brings a boat-load of information about current traditions around using the Nativity – both living Nativity and artistic representations. I dive briefly into the origins of the use of the Nativity around Christmas, and then we take a look at the real history and some misconceptions around the birth of Jesus. At the end of the episode we read through part 2 of our story from The Lost Years of Santa Claus, and I announce the winner of the first annual Lost Christmas Giveaway! Over 160 entries this year, I am blown away and I think I’ll have a special surprise for a few lucky entrants who didn’t win, but submitted wonderful answers. Please like and subscribe, review the podcast, and as always – Merry Christmas!



The Story of Santa Claus



Special thanks to:
The Christmas Song/Heaven/Slow 3/4 Song by Peter Evans, Tom Blancarte, and Brandon Seabrook – CC by 3.0
Santa Claw11010s is Coming by Ergo Phizmiz – CC by 3.0
holiday by Dee Yan-Key – CC by 3.0

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Author: The Chronicler
Title: The Nativity: Everything you wanted to know, and more!
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