Welcome back Christmas Cousins! This episode was just too much fun not to share here.

Gerry, the mad genius over at the Totally Rad Christmas Podcast, invited us to be on his show to review the 1987 Hallmark Ornament Dreambook.

Our first thought was, “1987? We’re a little late for that one!”, but we went for it and we are sure happy that we did.

This episode is just a good ol’ fashioned fun-fest. Definitely worth a listen…and for all of those who don’t…we might just send you one of those really scary Mime ornaments from page 3. Yikes.

Want to play along at home? Find the Dreambook here:


What is your favorite ornament of all-time and why?

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Totally Rad Christmas Crossover 80’s Style Episode: 1987 Hallmark Dreambook

Christmas Cousins

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