Welcome back, Christmas Cousins, to another Weekend Kickoff Party andd what a party it is!!! Definitely one of our most fun shows yet!


Brace yourself for a holiday brew-tasting extravaganza at the Weekend Kickoff Party! 🍻


Join the Christmas Cousins, Chad and Seth, alongside our special guest, the globetrotting Bob from Festive Foreign Film Fans, as they dive into a merry adventure of tasting holiday beers and drinks.


What makes this party extra special? It’s Cousin Seth’s inaugural journey into the world of holiday brews!


In this spirited celebration, expect laughter, lively banter, and a touch of global flair brought by Bob’s international festivities expertise.


Each sip unfolds a story of merriment, joy, and, for Seth, the exciting discovery of holiday brews. So, whether you’re a seasoned seasonal brew enthusiast or a first-time taster like Seth, join the party for a delightful cascade of festive flavors, infectious energy, and joyous revelry!


And, please remember, to always drink responsibly!

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Weekend Kickoff Party: Holiday Beer Tasting & Reviews w/Bob from Festive Foreign Film Fans!

Christmas Cousins

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