Holiday Cocktails and a guy in his 40’s sitting on Santa’s lap? What could possibly go right?


Hold on to your jingle bells because in this episode, we’re planning the logistics for taking Cousin Seth, our festive freshman, on an adventure to meet Santa and strike a pose on the big guy’s lap.


Bob, the co-host of the Festive Foreign Films Fans Podcast, is joining in on the festive frolics. Together, they’ll navigate the delicate art of adult lap-sitting with Santa, and you won’t want to miss a single moment of what some are calling, “the most important broadcast of all time”.


To add a dash of creamy holiday cheer, we’re diving into the world of Trader Joe’s eggnogs. We’ll be sipping, slurping, and reviewing these festive beverages, all while planning the perfect strategy to coax Cousin Seth into that coveted Santa lap pic. Spoiler alert: It involves more laughter than strategy.


So buckle up for a sleigh ride of absurdity, a sip or two of eggnog wisdom, and the unwrapping of the ultimate holiday comedy. Who knew getting a guy in his 40s onto Santa’s lap could be this riotous?


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Weekend Kickoff Party: Planning Seth’s Visit to Santa (and tasting some Holiday wine cocktails while we’re at it)!

Christmas Cousins

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