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Happy Monday, Christmas Fanatics!

Our journey into Spooky Season continues this week! And while Anthony is missing, Julia and Thom are joined by the incredible Mike Westfall of the always amazing and informative “Advent Calendar House” to discuss the 2021, Disney + original, “Muppets Haunted Mansion“! Is there anyone better than Mike to have on an episode dealing with not only Jim Henson’s iconic creations, but also an iconic Disney Attraction? We think not!

So settle in for a fun, well-researched episode in which all things Muppets and Disney are discussed! And stay tuned next week for our final Spooky episode of 2022!

As always, thanks for your love and support, y’all!

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Author: Tis the Podcast
Title: Welcome Foolish Muppets! (Muppets Haunted Mansion)
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