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Sprinkle some tinsel on your Monday folks, and welcome to another festive episode of ‘Tis the Podcast! As we journey deeper into the heart of November, the magic of Christmas is growing stronger every day! Join our merry band of elves as we dive headfirst into a Christmas-filled adventure, talking Art the Clown’s Christmas poster, reminiscing about the 20th anniversaries of Elf and Love Actually, the release of Iron Flame, and discussing the merits of real versus artificial Christmas trees. We’ll then be unwrapping our thoughts on the charming 2022 Hallmark movie, The Royal Nanny. Even though we’re a tad late this week, remember, it’s always Christmas here.

So hop on the sleigh and let’s spread some holiday cheer together!

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Author: Tis the Podcast
Title: Who do you think gave me the nickname Scary Poppins? (The Royal Nanny)
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