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Becoming an elf and working at the North Pole is the dream of a lot of people.

In this merry episode of the North Pole Podcast you are introduced to Elf Hugo, the postmaster at the North Pole Post Office. You will learn a bit about his story and how he became an elf.

You will learn that the path to elfhood takes a long, long time. Hugo’s story is a good example of that. He worked many years in a hard job that supported his family and he raised his children before he ever became an elf. Then, after becoming an elf, he was put to work in a variety of jobs before he ever got the opportunity to do what he does now.

Elf Hugo is one of the hardest working elves at the North Pole. He is a very good friend of mine. You will never find an elf more devoted to working for Santa or more candid about what it is like to be an elf.

This episode also reveals a little bit about the kind of mail we receive at the North Pole and how some of the elves feel about it.

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Author: Elf Ernest
Title: Working as An Elf at the North Pole

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