🎄It’s 1980, and my spoiled nephew just got beaten in a ski-jumping contest by a bear who’s never seen winter before.

Join us we fail upward through middle to upper hotel management featuring a simultaneously very mature and very immature conversation about cartoon bears discovering mistletoe. What could be the Jellystone Winter Lodge’s final Christmas carnival manages to wake up Yogi Bear, who hibernates directly underneath it but somehow never knew about it before now.


🎙 Guest:

Bill Hanstock (@sundownmotel, “We Promised You a Great Main Event: An Unauthorized WWE History”)


💬 Topics & Tangents:

1. This special opens with a typo: The sign reads “Yellystone Park.”

2. Daws Butler’s Snagglepuss voice was a Bert Lahr impression that was so spot on, Lahr threatened to sue when Snagglepuss started endorsing Kellogg’s cereal.

3. Hanna-Barbera’s Christmas Sing-A-Long album, featuring songs from this special.

4. Yogi was in “Casper’s First Christmas” in 1979, so this isn’t really Yogi’s First Christmas.

5. Fruity Pebbles Christmas Commercial episode, 2017.

6. The Wonkamobile.

7. ClickHole: “Which One of My Garbage Sons Are You?” Clickhole, 2014.

8. Eddie the Eagle.

9. Mickey Mouse’s shirtless (and hatless) Steamboat Willie winter look at Disneyland.

10. “Mean, Sour, Crafty, and Cruel” in “Oliver and the Artful Dodger” and “Smurfs.”

11. The Zone of Death in the part of Yellowstone National Park that’s in Idaho.

12. “Christmas Is Here” in “A Flintstone Christmas.”


📼 Commercial Break:

Cocoa Krispies Snagglepuss “Heavens to Murgatroyd” Commercial, circa 1963.

Bad Princess Movies, a catalogue of terrible movies about princesses and princesses-to-be.


“Yogi’s First Christmas” © 1980 Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc.

Theme song by Bronwen’s Ghost.
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Title: Yogi’s First Christmas
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