What’s up, dudes? It’s the show that made slime a household thing on Nickelodeon! Yes, I’m talking “You Can’t DonThat On Television” with the Christmas Cousins, Chad and Seth!

In “Christmas,” the YCDTOT cast conjure up holiday hilarity in typical sketch comedy fashion. The sketches are only thirty to sixty seconds, though. Starring the great Les Lye and Abby Hagyard, and featuring the talents of Christine McGlade, Alistair Gillis, Lisa Ruddy, and more, the sketches were fun and envelope-pushing!

Dungeon master Nasti catches his prisoner trying to escape and later gets another prisoner water skis! El Capitano tries to execute Santa by firing squad! Snake-Eyes is grateful to be rid of his bus and the children for two weeks!

Meanwhile, Alistair schemes to get kissed under the mistletoe. Christine concurrently plots to get Christmas bonuses and money for a cast party. Ross also dresses as Santa and gets stuck in a chimney. And of course—slime!

Live turkey? Check. Mistletoe helmet? Yep. Saying, “Trick or treat,” while caroling? Definitely! So grab your Santa suit, give your captor a bomb, and jump out of your locker to this episode on “You Can’t Do That on Television!”

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Author: Gerry D / Christmas Cousins
Title: You Can’t Do That on Television (w/ Christmas Cousins)

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