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Hello everyone! This month, we will look at the song “Silent Night” with Scott and Jay from the Jingle Jank Podcast. Make sure you listen to the whole episode for a very special surprise!

Here are the versions of “Silent Night” we played in this episode:

  1. Matthew Green’s Orchestral Rainbow
  2. Stevie Nicks
  3. Boyz II Men
  4. Bing Crosby
  5. Elvis Presley
  6. Andy Williams
  7. The Temptations
  8. The Carpenters
  9. Mariah Carey
  10. Josh Groban
  11. Michael Bublé
  12. Justin Bieber
  13. Kelly Clarkson (feat. Trisha Yearwood & Reba McEntire)
  14. Pentatonix
  15. Deliverance
  16. The Impressions
  17. Kylydian
  18. Huey “Piano” Smith
  19. John Denver and the Muppets

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Author: Tinsel Tunes
Title: 42 – Silent Night (and a special surprise!)
Tinsel Tunes Podcast

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