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The Northpole PodcastAbout this podcast

The Northpole Podcast is a production of North Pole Radio News and the elves at, the longest serving Santa tracker online.

It provides information about Santa Claus, the North Pole and elf life and culture.

To contact the North Pole, please click here.

The information below provides current updates from the North Pole as well as additional contact informatio.

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Santa has been tracking Santa from the North Pole online since 1991 – making it the old Santa tracker on the Internet. This merry tradition is presented commercial-free in a family friendly environment and enjoys fans all around the world. The site operates year round.

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North Pole Flight CommandRecent Santa Tracking News from North Pole Flight Command:

  • Reindeer Begin Leaving the North Pole
    by Elf Meg Nogg

    Santa’s reindeer are starting to begin their annual migration away from the North Pole. After completing their mission with Santa every Christmas they stay for a brief period at the North Pole for evaluations. Once that period is over, they head back to their homelands. There are thousands of reindeer who work for Santa, including

  • First North Pole Chat of the New Year Scheduled
    by Elf Harold Star

    The first North Pole Chat of the new year has been scheduled for January 28th at 7pm EST at Elf Crash Murphy, Santa’s eye-in-the-sky reporter who trails Santa’s sleigh every Christmas Eve, will present stories of Santa’s flight last month. Santa had a dramatic launch in a 50-year old sleigh that experts said would

Other associated Official North Pole Websites:
Elf HQ Jingle Kringle
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