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First up we have a follow on from last episode’s segment about the German smoker ornaments.  This time we look at the Moosmann from Vogtland and we also have a couple of stories about them.

Then we have a great Story of Shame from L C Newman who tells the tale of how they nearly blew the whole Santa secret by staying up all night drinking and playing with a slot car track.

Then we play one more song from Adam Kennedy and his Creative Commonaires,  This one is called Those High Notes and if you want to listen here’s a link:
Adam was on a recent episode of Jingle Jank and he talks about the creative process behind the album.  Check out the episode here:

Then we have a brand new segment where we have a close look at some of phrases and aspects of A Christmas Carol that may not make sense.  I think you’ll find it interesting, but then what do I know.

This episode’s recommendation is Christmas Alphabet Podcast with Wayne Clarke.  Each episode he takes a new letter and studies all the Christmas related stuff beginning with that letter.  At the time of recording, he’s up to letter F.
Here’s a link:

You know I love ya.
Merry Christmas

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Title: Episode 49 – What The Dickens?
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