It’s episode 50 of The Total Christmas Podcast, that’s half a century, wow.

The Yule Log for this episode is from the TV show This Is Us.  Watch the family house burning for a solid hour.  It’s not great.

In this episode we have another deep look at some of the obscure phrases in A Christmas Carol.  Why was Marley “as dead as doornail”?  You’ll soon find out.

Then I share the story of how a friend of mine decided that instead of going round his girlfriend’s house for Christmas, he’d rather drive around the forest.

Then we look at Brer Rabbit’s Christmas Carol, an interesting take on the classic story that is generally pretty naff.  Watch it here:

This episode’s recommendation is Meet David Sedaris a BBC Radio 4 show where author David Sedaris reads out some of his short stories.  It’s a great listen so check it out:

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Merry Christmas

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Author: Jack
Title: Episode 50 – Driving Round All Christmas
Total Christmas

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