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I’m here, you’re here, let’s talk about Christmas.

First up it’s a story of shame, this one was sent in by Travis Gronsdahl and it’s a story of a Secret Santa and a bunch of very rude colleagues.

Then Frank the Tank has sent us a Curious Christmas Custom.  This one is quite heartbreaking for all the wrong reasons.

Then Wayne Clarke from the Christmas Alphabet podcast has sent in a What The Dickens!
Admittedly it’s one we’ve already covered, but he does such a good job of explaining it, we can’t hold that against him.

Bob Baker has sent in another Do You Hear What I Hear and this time he explains and translates the word Pudding.

Then I have an interview with a dear friend of mine, it’s Petter from Sweden.  He tells all about celebrating Yule in his home country.

This episode’s recommendation is Life and Beth, it’s on Disney+ and is written, directed by and stars Amy Schumer.  It’s very funny, so give it a look.

If you want to get in touch, what’s stopping you?


Merry Christmas!

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Author: Jack & Petter Nordstrum
Title: Episode 57 -Christmas in Sweden
Total Christmas

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