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It’s Episode 62 of The TCP and this episode is more Christmassy than a jolly old elf easting a christmas pudding made of holly.

We start off with the abysmal Carry on Christmas.  Filled with smut and innuendo and very little of the actual story this was the first of 4 Christmas specials from the Carry on Films team.
If you really want to watch it here’s a link:

Then it’s time for Do You Hear What I Hear with Bob Baker.  This episode he’s looking at the word ‘Nick’.

Then it’s the quiz and we all how much you’re enjoying that.

This episode we look at the tradition of The Hunting of the Wren where, on the Isle of Man, and in parts of Wales and Ireland, people would go out at Christmas, catch a wren and then parade it round the village begging for money.
I’m pleased to say the tradition is still going to this day, but they no longer hunt a real bird.

This episode’s recommendation is The Allusionist Podcast with Helen Zaltzman, a podcast that talks about language.  It’s a great listen and I know you’ll enjoy it.
Check it out here:

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Merry Christmas

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Author: Jack
Title: Episode 62 – Carry on Christmas
Total Christmas

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