Total Christmas

It’s Christmas.

This packed has got loads of stuff.
First we have the quiz and you can compete again Todd Killian the host of Christmas Clatter.
You can check out his podcast here:

Then it’s Do You Hear What I Hear? and Bob Baker looks at the word Loo.

Then we take a look at T Bag’s Christmas Carol from 1989 and to call it a version of A Christmas Carol is twisting the truth beyond recognition.  Plus it’s crap.
You can watch it here if you feel like punishing yourself:

Some of you guys have sent in your Christmas traditions and Bob Baker takes a look at some of them in Wonderful Christmastime.

A couple of episodes ago we looked at the real life Saint Nicholas and I told you I’d be reading out some of his legends in the upcoming episodes.  Well I’m not, but Scott Newman is.  This episode we look at the The Miracle of the Grain.
You can check out Scott’s podcast here:

Then we have an interview with a real life Santa Claus, or Santa Kev as he likes to be known,  He really looks fantastic, here’s a link:

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Merry Christmas

Listen to this episode of Total Christmas Podcast
Author: Jack / Santa Claus
Title: Episode 66 – An Interview With Santa
Total Christmas

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