Total Christmas

It’s episode 81 and it’s more Christmas than one person can handle.

First up we have the return of the Yule Log.  This one is a bit different because the yule log itself is right on the periphery.  It features Terry Crews, actor and former NFL player painting a lovely Christmas picture.
It’s worth a look:

Then Bob Baker is here with Do You Here What I Hear and Bob is very interested in ‘snogging’,

Then it’s this episode’s version of A Christmas Carol.  This is an episode of Xena Warrior Princess called A Solstice Carol.  Xena and her sidekick Gabrielle teach a mean old king the true meaning of Christmas.
Watch it here:

Then it’s Christmas Everyday and Bob suggests lotto scratch cards are the way to keep feeling festive all year long.

Next up is another story of the Real Life St Nicholas read by the host of Tinsel Tunes and Christmas Morning Podcast, Scott Newman.
Check out the latest episode of Tinsel Tunes:

Then it’s the Quiz.  See if you can beat my score of 8.

This episode’s recommendation is Excuse Me, That’s Illegal.  It’s a true crime podcast that looks at some of the less severe crimes.  It’s funny and worth a listen.
Check it out here:

Get in touch.

Merry Happy Christmas!

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Author: Jack
Title: Episode 81 – Xena Warrior Christmas
Total Christmas

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