Total Christmas

It’s a brand spanking new episode of The Total Christmas Podcast.

First up it’s the Quiz.  Can you beat my abysmal score of 5 out of 10?

Then Bob Baker is here with Do You Hear What I Hear and he’ll explain why we call a Pub a Pub, and out stateside friends call a Pub a Bar.

After that we have What The Dickens! and we look at some of the references to other people, be they historical or literary figures.  You’ll even find out why horse shoes are lucky.

Thanks to a suggestion form Benji Pearson, Bob Baker has another great suggestion for how to keep that Christmas feeling going.

Next up we have a look at the first real life nativity, which was created by St Francis of Assisi .
We also talk about another nativity scene from 2004, when Madame Tussauds thought it would be a good idea to have Posh and Becks as Mary and Joseph.   Spoiler alert, it was not a good idea.

This episode’s recommendation is a podcast called Under The Influence with Terry O’Reilly.  It looks at stories behind marketing and advertising and is very good.

If you want to get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

Merry Christmas

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Author: Jack

Episode 82 – The Beckham’s Nativity

Total Christmas

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