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Merry Christmas you beautiful people.

It’s another packed show, and we start off with a Jack Ask.  Travis wants to know what the perfect Christmas morning beverage is…  and I tell him.

Then we have a christian propeganda version of A Christmas Carol. It’s from 2001 and stars Dean Jones and it’s called Scrooge & Marley.
You can watch it here:

Next up is the Christmas joke and the less said about that the better.

Then we play another song from Adam Kennedy.  It’s possibly my favourite because I love the idea behind it.
Check out the full album here:

Then we have an interview with historical fiction author Steven A McKay.  He’s written some brilliant Christmas stories featuring characters from the Robin Hood legend.
You can check out his work and also his podcast, Rock Paper Swords here:

Next up it’s the quiz and to give use the answers we have Duane and Scott from Tinsel Tunes.
Check out Tinsel Tunes here:

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Merry Christmas

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Author: Jack
Title: Episode 97 – A Quiz, a Carol and a Medieval Christmas
Total Christmas

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