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This episode is our longest and most special.  It is Part 2 of our anniversary show.  We welcome our first guest, author and podcaster Alonso Duralde; we pick our favorite global holiday songs and movies; and, most importantly, we enjoy and celebrate our podcast, and our listeners, and everything new this first year has taught us.  When we started, we were told that our topic was super niche and no one was going to be interested in a discussion of foreign Christmas movies — especially those that are hard-to-find and from obscure countries.  The practical advice would have been to find a topic more relatable to a larger audience.  Instead, we decided to stick with a concept that we care about.  We know our audience is small, but we hope that they engage with us and with the podcast in the same way that we do.  It’s not only about Christmas, or movies, or customs, but it is about basic goodness, spiritual hunger, and human kindness.  We  live in a world divided, and we can be incredibly self-focused and distant from other countries.  We often look through a prism that reflects only ourselves and our experience.  It is our hope that in some small way this podcast can build bridges and break down walls.  Watching international films, you will see a different view of the world.  When we learn to look outside of ourselves and appreciate other cultures, we can accept the unique world around us, and that is the true meaning of Christmas.

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Author: Bob & Mark

Episode 26: It’s Our Anniversary Show! (Part 2)


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