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So it’s Season 2.  We are older and wiser.  Or, with all the traditional food and drink from last season, maybe just older and wider.  We have a much broader view now and we are keeping our chins up … all of them.  To kick off the season, we didn’t want to rush into it with something simple or easy.  No Disney here.  We travel to Slovakia, the twin sister to the Czech Republic, which we covered in Episode 8.  The story in “Let There Be Light” is complicated, messy and layered, which the same is true of us Festive Fans.  And we have more layers now!  What a way to start!

This film leaves us so intrigued with the mystery of Slovokia.  It was difficult to find any details about the actors, the music, and the country.  While still young, this independent upstart is entering its thirties, but still having growing pains, which only leaves us more curious to visit.  Plus, we want to try some of that hot and sweet cabbage soup  Bob is a bit unsatified with the end of the movie, so we just distract him with this episode’s song.  You put this holiday burner on and you’ll forget all about the movie.  As we like to say in Season 2, “Are you 4Fing kidding me?”

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Author: Bob & Mark
Title: Season 2, Episode 1 – Let There Be Light (Slovakia)

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