SO excited to present a Christmas Crossover Collaboration with the Christmas Aficionado himself…listen to the podcast, or watch the full video on YouTube!


That’s right, get ready for a festive feast for both your EARS and EYES!


In this special crossover episode, the Christmas Cousins join forces with the YouTube sensation, Joe, the Christmas Aficionado!


Not only will you enjoy the insightful banter in podcast form, but we’re adding a dash of visual flair with a full video compendium on Joe’s YouTube channel. Search for the Christmas Aficionado and dive into the holiday magic!


Together, we’re delving deep into the heartwarming yet problem-laden world of the 1988 Christmas classic, “A Very Brady Christmas.” Join us as we dissect the nine problems presented in this yuletide tale, uncovering layers of societal issues cleverly disguised in holiday charm. It’s not just a breakdown of a festive favorite; it’s a discussion that explores the real-life challenges heightened during the holiday season.


Trust us; this is the episode you didn’t know you needed!!!

Listen to this episode of the Christmas Cousins podcast
Author: Christmas Cousins Pod

A Very Brady Christmas Crossover Event: Podcast & YouTube Edition with Christmas Aficionado!

Christmas Cousins

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