Welcome back Christmas Cousins! We have a fun bonus episode here for you!!! Following in the footsteps of intrepid first-time Eggnog explorers such as Cousin Seth and Cousin Joe, (@Christmasaficionado), Cousin Carly is joining the cousins once again for a daring taste test.

This time, it’s the velvety, mysterious world of eggnog that’s under her discerning palate’s scrutiny. Join the Christmas Cousins as they guide Carly through her first-ever sip of this festive concoction. Will it be a creamy delight or a culinary catastrophe? Expect hilarity, surprise reactions, and a generous sprinkle of holiday cheer as Carly navigates the world of eggnog, live on air.

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Author: Christmas Cousins Pod

Bonus: Cousin Carly’s Eggnog Odyssey: A Holiday Drink Adventure

Christmas Cousins

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