Attention dear Christmas Cousins, huddle up by the digital yule log because the Hallmark Channel just dropped their holiday movie bombshell for 2023, and it’s nothing short of spectacular!

But guess what? This isn’t just any breaking news – it’s Seth’s first-time experience of the festive film frenzy!

Join us as Chad, the seasoned holiday movie maestro, guides Seth through the glittering wonderland of Hallmark’s holiday lineup.


We’ll dissect the titles, predict plot twists, and soak in all the seasonal cheer. Will there be quirky small towns, mistletoe, and snow-covered romantic encounters? You bet!

So, whether you’re a Hallmark aficionado or just curious about this magical movie realm, tune in and let Chad lead Seth through the twinkling maze of holiday movies. It’s time to unwrap the charm, laughter, and heartwarming moments that only Hallmark can deliver! Get your popcorn, folks – this one’s a festive blockbuster!


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Breaking News: Hallmark’s 2023 Holiday Movie List just announced…Seth is officially overwhelmed!

Christmas Cousins

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