Christmas is Coming Soon – and yes that’s true, but it’s also my favorite new Christmas song from singer/songwriter Rehya Stevens on her brand new album, ‘Tis the Season.

In today’s episode I talk with Rehya about our Christmases last year and this year’s expectations, her new album and some of my favorite songs from it, what makes Christmas music sound Christmasy, and the challenges of writing new Christmas music, among other things.

Forget about all the “Spiderman No Way Home” reviews being released today, Gracie is here to bring you the review that you actually want to hear: she and I review the Birmingham Children’s Theaters production of ELVES 2.0 – find out what she thought of it, her opinions of the actors and the writing, and then we toss around some ideas for ELVES 3.0… (you’re welcome Sina!) and then have a little Christmas chat. Gracie has some very strong opinions about the kids in her school and when they think it’s an appropriate time to decorate…

Time Stamps

00:00 Introduction

01:34 Gracie’s Review of Elves 2.0

9:36 Gracie and I chat Christmas

15:00 Interview with Rehya Stevens

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Author: ArtK
Title: Christmas is Coming Soon! with special guest Rehya Stevens

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