Welcome back Christmas Cousins for a TRULY fascinating episode!


Step into the time machine of holiday nostalgia as the Christmas Cousins welcome a very special guest, Brian Earl, the maestro behind the enchanting Christmas Past podcast!


In this festive rendezvous, Brian joins the cousins to unravel the magic of yesteryears, sharing insights from his podcast, delving into the pages of his holiday-infused book, and offering a sneak peek into his upcoming appearances and festive endeavors.


As the jingle bells chime, Brian takes on the role of Christmas guide, leading our festive freshman, Cousin Seth, through the pivotal Christmas Past events that have shaped the holiday we know and love today.


From vintage traditions to timeless tales, the trio navigates the rich tapestry of Christmas history with laughter, stories, and heartwarming revelations.


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Author: Christmas Cousins Pod
Title: Christmas Past with Brian Earl: Guiding Cousin Seth through Christmas History!
Christmas Cousins

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