Christmas Podding

Day 5 of Christmas Leftovers. We’re back Monday with a Brand New Podding for 2022.

So we are counting down with 9 days of Christmas Leftovers. Never before heard topics, your favourite segments re-recorded with new opinions and chit chat from Liam and Ness’s live radio show you would never have heard.

Today we ask :

What makes the BEST Christmas Bon Bons ever?

Why taking too many photos on Christmas Day may wreck your kids day and

What can and cant you eat GUILT FREE Christmas Day?

Join us for Episode 1, Season 5 April 11 on the worlds 3rd best Christmas Podcast, Christmas Podding with Liam and Ness.

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Author: Liam Renton
Title: Christmas Podding Leftovers- What can you eat this year Guilt Free?
Christmas Podding

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