Christmas Podding

Liam and Ness are putting forward their case this week as to why you need to Go Big or Go Home for this years Christmas celebrations. Why Christmas 2022 needs to be the biggest, best and as epic as possible, with tips on what you can do to make it a real show stopper.

Liam is planning his Christmas lights display on his home already and has come up with a secret weapon that will make every neighbour in his street stop and applaud plus

Where should you spend Christmas this year. We have the list as to the top picks and what countries do Christmas better than every other and why you need to make plans and book now.

On Australia’s ONLY Christmas Podcast recently voted the THIRD BEST Christmas Podcast on the Planet. (We’ll do better, we promise)

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Author: Liam Renton
Title: Christmas Podding – The best places to spend Christmas 2022 and why you must book NOW.
Christmas Podding

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