Christmas Podding

This week we uncover the world wide shortage in just about everything you’ll need to make this years Christmas complete and what you MUST do this weekend to ensure you have all the essential supplies.

We’ll take a trip back to Christmas Past with a lesser known tradition that we think just wont cut it in todays modern Christmas Celebrations plus

Which city is the best in the world to truely enjoy the season to its fullest potential. We hear from our overseas correspondent and we may have a contender for the Most Christmassy City ever.

In our last episode before we unleash our Advent Calendar of Christmas Podcasts. On December 1st we Press Play on a BRAND NEW PODCAST each and every day in the Countdown to Christmas.

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Author: Liam Renton
Title: Christmas Podding- What City is the BEST in the World to Spend Christmas in?
Christmas Podding

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