Christmas Podding

This week on Australia’s ONLY Christmas Podcast Liam and Ness discuss why it has become socially inappropriate to lob up and stay at relatives house at Christmas and why a hotel should always be booked at all costs.

We take a look at a whole bunch of unique Christmas foods that are adored by their countries of origins each and every year, even though we may ever want to try them if given the chance, plus

We may have found the one Christmas Gift Liam just can’t return. What’s the one thing that should never ever be returned no matter the cost, bad taste or dislike. You may be shocked.

Voted the Second Best Christmas Podcast on planet, with 2 eps every month , we could talk about Christmas all year round, and Liam and Ness , literally do on Christmas Podding.

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Author: Liam Renton
Title: Christmas Podding – Why staying in relatives homes has become socially unacceptable at Christmas.
Christmas Podding

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