Did you know that before the world celebrated Christmas that there were other winter celebrations? Of course you did (especially if you listen to this podcast!). Saturnalia gets much of the attention, and for good reason, but today we are going to go way back BEFORE Saturnalia and we’ll explore Kronia, Shab-e Yalda, Zagmuk and more. Learn all about some patterns and traditions that have stood the test of time! At the end of the episode we have a much requested story from The Lost Years of Santa Claus: Santa Claus versus Time. This will help to answer the question that you may have about how exactly Santa Claus is able to get all around the world to so many homes in a single night. The answer might surprise you. Tune in and find out in part 1 of this exciting story from The Lost Years of Santa Claus!


Sounds of Christmas

Santa by the Minute

Special thanks to:
The Christmas Song/Heaven/Slow 3/4 Song by Peter Evans, Tom Blancarte, and Brandon Seabrook – CC by 3.0
Santa Claw11010s is Coming by Ergo Phizmiz – CC by 3.0
holiday by Dee Yan-Key – CC by 3.0

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Author: The Chronicler
Title: Christmas Traditions: But before they were Christmas traditions (part 1)
Lost Christmas Podcast

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