Behind the Bells

“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing loud for all to hear”

It took longer then he thought, but Robert’s finally ready to dive back into the world of Elf. Along with continuing the adventures of the writer David Bernenbaum, he also goes into how Jon Favreau went from an actor to stepping behind the camera.

Learn how a lot of the script got changed, how Will Ferrell tried to make it racier, how they used a mental asylum to film a majority of the movie, how Jon fought to keep his movie family friendly and how it would bat out ofther family movies like the Looney Tunes and The Cat in the Hat. He also goes into why Elf has remained timeless.




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Author: Robert Nicholas

Elf Part 2: Jon Favreau’s Beginnings, Canada for New York, Killer Stop Motion and Beating the Other Family Films

Behind the Bells

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